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Chelsea and i spent three days in Chicago this week and had an amazing time. Just uploaded some of our pictures on my facebook account. This is our second time since we have had kids to get away to a city and just take it in. I know it is never convenient to get away from it all but these trips have been so great for both of us. No kids, no email, no work, just us and it is great. It is always a great reminder that God gave me an amazing woman in Chelsea and she is just great to spend time with. We always come back loving our kids more and thinking clearer than when we left. Chicago in the summer is just great, go take a trip!

Just finished RETHINK by Steve Wright. If you work with teenagers in the local church then you need to go buy or borrow the book and check it out. We have been working on this process here at Grace Community from the beginning in student ministry but it was a great reminder of our goal in working with teens. I have some thoughts about the book i want to hash out before I blog about it. For other thoughts about family ministry go to to see an organization dreaming about a different way to do ministry to families.