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In the middle of a wild week how do you choose what gets done? Remix and Cross Street Live go down this week and they are both going to be amazing. I get to work with some amazing leaders in both environments and it is going to be fun to see what God does. The bottom line is that with this week I could stay at work, 17 hours every day of the week and still not get it all done. In a packed week with big deadlines something has to give. Kozbi, Kelyn and Chelea still need their dad and husband. God still waits for me to spend time with Him. I still need to hit the gym and eat right. Yea, I want the events this week to be amazing. I am going to give both events 100% and then trust our team and God to do amazing things. I also want to make sure I choose what is most important and not turn my back on things that matter in the long run. The long run matters. This week and these event will be done in a few days. I have to choose balance. When I do not choose balance I reveal I am not living by faith and trusting God. I am trying to get there and I hate I am just now learning how to make this happen in my career, personal, and family life. I have to make the right choices.