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One of the most important things we can do as leaders is become consistent story tellers. Our church culture and leadership culture will be shaped by the stories that are shared and we have to become the chief story teller. I met with an 80 year old member of our church this morning and heard an amazing story of life change in her family through the work of our church. I am responsible to passing that story on. We can’t hear stories and keep them to our selves, we have to share them.

This fall we are working to tell a story of life change every week from the ministry of Grace Community to the people of Grace Community! We are replacing our series bump video with these powerful stories. They are hard to gather and a ton of work for our video team but in the end they are so worth the effort. Check out this story from our church and also begin to process how you can be a better story teller for the ministry you lead…

Maddy O’Conner – Stories of Grace from Gcomchurch Ministries on Vimeo.