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Working at a church or nonprofit becomes more than a job when we live in community. I’m not talking about just working with the people you lead. When your only significant relationships come in the form of volunteers you serve with you will always find yourself being “on guard”. When I talk about living in community I am talking about having a circle of significant relationships that allow you to lower your guard and focus on serving and following Christ together. I know this is had to hear but following Christ is so much bigger than just being good at your JOB and doing MINISTRY STUFF. Sunday night we found ourselves hanging out with friends from our community group at a Super Bowl party. We have now been a part of this community group for over a year and it has made such a difference in the way I follow Christ. Community group has helped me to see spiritual growth from a different angle. I have learned what it means to care for a group of people without connections to my daily job…just because I care for a group of people. I have discovered that I can share what God is doing in my heart with freedom…in good and bad times. I needed community more than I wanted community and God has worked through every moment of my community group experience.

I know there is an epidemic of church leaders living life alone because they are too busy for community group. In some form or fashion you need small group. You need to seek it out and make time for it. I had to make myself make the jump because I thought I had to much on my ministry plate already. That was exactly the problem…I did have too much on my plate. I had to make margin for group. If you lead an organization that helps kids or teens live life in some form of small group, I am begging you to pursue a life lived IN COMMUNITY. Stop talking about it if you are not in it.