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This is Fannie, I met her and heard her story today. Yes Fannie has a funny name if you live in the United States but her story was inspiring. Fannie is 27 and mom to a healthy little boy. If it was not for the the Child Survival Program of Compassion International neither Fannie or her boy would be here today. Fannie was raped…she did not choose to have a child. On top of this tragedy no one would give Fannie a job because of her disability so she moved in with her grandmother to have her baby. Because of the rape and the pain of knowing she was about to have a child she could not care for, Fannie became suicidal and began to plan how to end her life and the life of her new baby. 9 months ago she was asked to enter the Child Survival Program so she could get the help she needed to raise her child. A caring worker from compassion began to meet with Fannie every week and simply help her learn how to deal with being a new mom. Fannie was able to connect with a local church and the pastors began to help Fannie walk through her depression and pain. The program helped provide her little boy health care and proper nutrition. Fannie found someone who actually cared for her and helped her meet Jesus Christ. Fannie found hope because churches and sponsors across the world gave money to fund this program. Fannie told us today that she now has hope, a plan for the future, and friends to walk through life with. Because of this program a local church in Ecuador was actually able to save a life!

If you are a Christian I hope this week you will take some time and process how you are helping free people from poverty? What if I told you could release people from poverty and share the hope of Christ with them at the same time? Take a few minutes and visit and process how you, your family, and your church can battle global poverty!