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These two pictures help reveal the connection that compassion helps to make around the world. Compassion Internatinal believes in one kid…one sponsor and that link creates a connection between lives as letters are shared. Today I had the chance to visit the Compassion Ecuador staff office and see how the operation works. I glanced over and saw the lady above getting real letters written from real sponsors prepped to be translated for kids in Ecuador! YES, when you write a letter to your compassion kid they get it, they love it, they treasure the relationship. I also had the chance to see a Child Sponsorship Program site and got to meet these amazing little girls. These are the kids that get your letters. The lives of these kids are different because of the gift and love of a sponsor. These kids are getting to hear about Jesus and experience the love of Christ through your gifts. Compassion helps lives connect.

I hope your family will consider sponsoring a child together. In our family we have sponsored Lilly who lives in Kenya for four years and our family loves her. She is like an extension of our family. Go check out Compassion and pray about allowing your live to connect with someone trapped in poverty.