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The boy in the blue shirt is named William. I had the chance to meet William in his home who lives with his grandmother. William lives with his grandmother because his mom abandoned him. When his grandmother told the story William began to cry. He told us that even though he missed his mom he knew he was important because we took time to visit him. William also told us he had a bed to sleep in because his sponsor gave a gift to the family on his birthday. They also had a table to eat on because of that same sponsor. That is just one story of how God is empowering families around the globe to provide their kids (or grand kids) education, health care, food, clean water, and hope. Over and over we saw that when a kid is sponsored their entire family is impacted. The entire family hears about Jesus Christ. The entire family has hope and knows that things could be different. When a child finds hope in Christ and is blessed with education they have a chance to break the cycle of poverty for an entire family. Compassion is not just about rescuing children from poverty they are rescuing families from poverty and all in the name of Christ. The lesson I was reminded here in Ecuador was that if you want to help a family invest in their children. It was amazing to see the love that parents had for their kids here in Ecuador and the hope Compassion gave them when their kids were sponsored. These families needed hope and Compassion brought hope! Pray about joining Compassion as they invest in families around the world.