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Was listening to Andy Crouch ( on CD from last year at Catalyst and was reminded how we usually approach our culture. When it comes to our culture usually we become a critics of it or we constantly conform. Andy reminded us all last year at Catalyst that we were really designed by God as Christ followers to cultivate culture and create culture. When I talk about cultivating culture I mean protecting and enhancing that which is GOOD. Creating means just that, CREATE CULTURE within our current culture.

I am thrilled to be able to cultivate and create culture here from my role at Grace Community church but today I was reminded how blessed we are at GCC to have people in Clarksville creating and cultivating culture in their work roles. One of my best friends here is a financial planner and he is helping to create and cultivate. One of our leaders here at GCC is in a top leadership role in our hospital and trying to create and cultivate culture. Tons of folks at GCC are teachers, business owners, homemakers and they are all doing an amazing job creating and cultivating culture here in Clarksville. I get to work on this process in the safety of my office here in my Christian organization. The real hero’s of the faith here in our city are the ones creating and cultivating culture that honor’s THE CREATOR out in the middle of our city surrounded by people of all beliefs, faiths, and values. Thanks for what you do!