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This fall I borrowed a pressure washer and cleaned all our fences, two decks, a swing set, and our house. I really like power fools so that part was fun. Blasting dirt away is simply fun! The out of control challenge came my way the next few weeks as I had to start staining the decks and the swing set. No power tools, just hard work and no fun. Just finishing one deck took 12 hours and two people! Can you say overwhelmed. Over the next few weeks I was reminded that when you confront a challenge you have to take it on one step at a time. That’s hard for all of us who love change and thrive on progress. Sometimes the challenge is so immense we just can’t see the progress we want. With whatever out of control challenge you are facing in the ministry you lead, here are a few steps you must take when confronting it…

  1. Don’t forget what matters most // you have to work hard to not allow the challenge to consume you and your leadership time. After this challenge there will be another one. While confronting a challenge don’t neglect the other important aspects of your leadership role.
  2. Break the challenge into manageable steps // step back and break the challenge down so as you address the issue you are able to see the difference you are making. Think steps and not leaps. Steps ensure your progress is heading in the right direction!
  3. Block off time to focus on the challenge // schedule focused time in your week to confront the challenge. If you don’t block the time off you will spend it on things that you enjoy rather than the challenge that needs attention.
  4. Press through the pain // confronting a challenge is hard work. Never allow the struggle of confronting a challenge to force you to quit.
  5. Celebrate each win along the journey // don’t wait until the challenge is conquered to celebrate. Celebrate each win along the way. Small wins along the way allow us to enjoy the progress even when the challenge is still in our sights!

What has helped you face your “out of control” challenges in ministry and life?