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We have believed in the work of an organization called Invisible Children for many years at Relevant Student Ministry and now the time has come to help students connect with a movement that is launching over the next two months. Our world has changed. We are connected. We cannot just ignore injustice and pretend it does not exist and the teens we lead know it. The film I am posting and asking you to watch was released 2 days ago. I watched it last night and by this morning I had been contacted by 6 teens and college students wanting to take action and join the movement. Teenagers have already formed a plan for our city and we will be supporting them in the effort. We will be leveraging a city wide worship gathering called REMIX UNITED on April 4 at Rossview High to help teens understand what Jesus says about the poor, the needy, the hurting, and His desire to rescue our own souls. I am asking student pastors all across the country to slow down today and process how we can use our influence to help young boys forced to be child soldiers and little girls driven into sex trafficking. Please take 27 minutes an watch this film and then pray about how you can be involved. Your teens are ready…will the church join them?