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Was reminded of the power of Small Group leaders tonight. Chelsea booked a girls night out tonight and of course I got to rock it here at home with my two amazing little girls. THE PROBLEM…the biggest football game of the year goes down tonight in our city. THE SOLUTION…our small group leaders are there in force! Where I could not be our small group leaders stepped in to be present and connect with teenagers. I know this sounds simple but it the power of multiplying ministry through other leaders is the secret for moving to the next level in youth ministry. I talk to so many guys and girls in ministry trying to be EVERYTHING in the ministry they lead. It is not possible. It is not fulfilling. It makes youth leaders quit serving teens. YOUTH PASTOR, your extend your influence when empower your volunteers to be partners in ministry. I am so thankful for the passion of our volunteers at Relevant. REMIX and Relevant Student Ministry is what it is because of passionate volunteers!