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Every January many of us make lists of new things we want to accomplish over the coming year. Lists and goals are good but many times these new endeavors keep us so distracted we never have any time to help the ministries we lead become more consistent. What good will some new effort be if it’s surrounded by inconsistency on a week to week basis. Inconsistency will hamper the effectiveness of next generation ministry like nothing else. I know for our student ministry we strive to be consistent in six key areas…

  1. Consistent Communication / we want to make sure the communicators speak with consistency and with the same level of effectiveness. Nothing is worse than having the communicator that no one looks forward to.
  2. Consistent Worship Leadership / we want the band and band leadership to be at a level every teen can trust. Excellence matters.
  3. Consistent Greeting / we want new and regular students to be welcomed into our environment effectively.
  4. Consistent Small Group Leaders / this may be the most important on the list. Consistent small group leadership births genuine community.
  5. Consistent Fun / we love to laugh and we think it honors God and allows people to relax. We like to make it happen frequently.
  6. Consistent Environment, Graphics, and Branding / I know these are three things but they all work together. We want all three to support each other! This takes work but it’s worth it.

We have to be consistent with these areas before we worry about doing a “new thing” in our ministry. What are some areas of consistency that are a priority to you? Could eliminating some things in your ministry help you become more consistent?