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Nov. 6-8 is CRAVE 09 for relevant student ministry. If you are out there and you have not signed up, you can go get info, sign up, and pay at the RELEVANT WEBSITE. We do a fall and a spring retreat and we have learned a few things about retreats over the past few years. The Crave experience is different because at the heart of the weekend are small groups and going deeper. Sure, we have an amazing time. Our end goal is to allow small groups to come together and go to a different place in their relationship with Christ. Does not sound very “youth ministry” does it. We are done with making retreats about creating buzz or energy. We have an event we love for our students to bring guests to every week called REMIX. We work hard on our weekly environment but we want retreat experiences to be next level. So…here we go. In 14 days we have a weekend planned to help you and your group move forward together, in community. We are so excited. If you want to have an amazing weekend with your small group from REMIX and connect with God in a different way, this weekend will be for you. I cannot wait to see what God does!