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Our family ministry team here at Grace Community loves creativity but we have discovered thinking creatively is no accident. Ideas are easy and exciting to dream up. True creativity only comes to life when we embrace hard work and discipline. Today our student ministry team worked on videos for our fall retreat called CRAVE. I promise, video production is hard work. The idea came quickly but the execution was a different story. Our entire team had to work together to pull the project off. If you want to be a ministry that embraces creativity you better be ready to…

  • schedule creative TIME //  dedicated time is the most important aspect to bringing creativity to life. Projects take time and any team that will schedule time for creative projects can embrace creativity. If you never block off time for your creative projects they will never happen.
  • manage resources // creativity is at its best when we take limited resources and deliver amazing experiences. Managing resources means we use the tools, funding, and facilities we have to their greatest potential. If your excuse for not being creative involves tools, funding, or facilities every time then your never going to thrive creatively.
  • create deadlines // perfection does not exist and deadlines help us move forward and create. Create deadlines and make sure you deliver.
  • utilize volunteer talent // if you will just look around I bet you have creative people around you that have talents that are not being put to work. Put creative people around you and let their talents merge with your idea.
  • take a risk // at the heart of a creative ministry is the willingness to take risks. At some point you have to go for it and sometimes it will work and sometimes it will fall short, but creativity demands risk.