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We are over half way through our week here in New Orleans. The team has done an amazing job, just amazing. One thing that we have learned this week is that there are real places in America where people do not know who Jesus Christ is. Yes we are in the middle of an area where kids do not know the message of Jesus. These kids are just trying to work through life on their own. This is the first time in over 3 years any church has tried to do work in this area so imagine how many places there are like that in America. Today in our group none of our 11 kids really had any kind of church they went to. They are learning about Ester and really do not know what a Bible is. As followers of Christ how can we not go, connect, explain, pray, give, serve. I know there are kids just like this in Clarksville. There are families who are generation away from any member of the family being a follower of Christ. While we sit in our churches arguing about worship style, church planting, theology, discipleship, giving, and building projects we are surrounded by people who are separated from God and will be after they die. As followers of Christ we have to rise up and join God on His mission. This is his plan and so many of us are juts watching the days go by. Our team has just learned to look for every opportunity this week. Every one of us can look for a chance to connect with someone who is not a believer…we were made for this mission, to spread the fame of God. Our team is just glad we get to be a small part here in New Orleans. GO TO WWW.RELEVANTSTUDENTS.COM for pics from today!