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I am ready to crash but I wanted to look back on the day before I shut it down. It was a significant day here at Catalyst filled with some really powerful moments. Just want to make it clear…God is at work here. What makes this 2 day experience so wild? Jesus is here shaping and molding our hearts, our desires, our dreams for Him. It is just good to shut it down and spend a few days learning and listening to the voice of God. Highlight today was hearing Rob Bell speak. I know…many of ya do not dig Rob and many of you love him. God has used Rob in my life at some critical times to reveal some great insights and today was one of those. What did he speak on? It was all about sabbath. It was about balance in life. We looked at how we can give ourselves to the church to such a level that we only have seconds left for God, our kids, friends, and wife! You know this happens. You know leaders crash and burn because they love the idea of a successful ministry more than serving others and following Jesus. We depend on our own strength and talent. Rob called us to come back to a place where we do practice sabbath and discover abundant life. The burden of Jesus is light, it is when we build our life around our own goals and dreams that life gets so heavy!

It was a great day! Matt Chandler and Tony Dungy also really did a great job. Can not wait to see what goes down Friday. NOW I WILL SLEEP