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Big news…REMIX is adding a 2nd location here in Clarksville!

We are so excited about the birth of our second REMIX location for Relevant Student Ministry in the Exit One area of our city. Yes we will still have our first REMIX location going strong at St. B, but now we will have a location targeted at reaching West Creek and Northeast High and the middle schools that serve those high schools. How are we going to start a new location? We are partnering with OneChurch ( to create another gathering for teens in a different part of town. We can partner because we have the same strategy and heart for reaching students. We can partner because it is going to take more than business as usual to reach students in Clarksville. Ryan Millard (the family pastor @ OneChurch) will be leading a new team of volunteers and a new band at our REMIX / exit one venue. Both locations will be teaching the same series, using the relevant students website, and focused on helping teens find community through small groups. For the address and more info about the ministry go check out

This is an experiment that we feel God has led us to take. Our hope is that Relevant Student Ministry will keep providing teens in a Clarksville a safe place to connect with others, rethink faith, and discover what life looks like as a follower of Christ. Please pray for both locations of REMIX as we strive to serve teens and their families! Are we done adding locations…you will have to wait and see!