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A few of us on the GCC team are working to fine tune our communication process (how we get people info). Our website, our weekly info card we pass out at the gathering, the information table, Facebook, texting, and twitter are all great communication tools but what we have to work on is what and how do we use all these tools. Not sure about your ministry but year to year we continue to struggle with communication. Every year we have to adjust our communication systems. It is a constant fight! Today in our meeting we moved quickly from communication tools to how we needed to communicate what we are most passionate about. Communicating information and vision means we are guiding what the people at GCC are passionate about. What and when we communicate empowers people to be a part of the movement we call Grace Community Church. As we communicate we have to direct passion and allow room for God to lead us to the things He is passionate about.

Directing Passion – we have to communicate the GCC strategy, major events, causes we support, mission efforts we embrace, and the ministries we carry our each week. We are working to focus on what is most important to GCC and communicate those messages creatively and with clarity. When we communicate the things that are most essential to the fabric our our church we DIRECT PASSION! We allow people to be a part of the mission and know clearly where we are headed. Directing the passion of any size group of people takes careful planning, consistency, creativity, and hard work.
Discovered Passion – in our communication process we have to maintain the flexibly to communicate information when we discover a new passion or direction. The church is not about controlling passion it is about releasing the passion of people to fully pursue the heart of God and advance the Kingdom of God. When God gives us a new direction, a new passion we have to have the flexibility and ability to get people info so they can discover what God is doing in that moment. All of us in student and kids ministry know we need the flexibility to change direction and communicate quickly. Basically we are the ones who live for what God is doing in the moment. We need that freedom as much as we need a directed plan!
We don’t have this all figured out but we are working toward a balance between communication that is directed and quick communication that adapts to what God leads us to discover. If what we communicate directs passion then it’s worth working on!