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I took Chelsea and the girls to Opryland Hotel on January 1 to see the Christmas decorations so we took this picture. (using our camera timer and a rock to hold it up!) We had a great time grabbing dinner at Old Spagetti Factory and being together. It was a great way to start 2010. I say it was a great way to start because it helped me begin the year by moving in the right direction. I’m not a resolution person but I am learning that if I don’t set some goals for myself each year I will not start the year off in the right direction. While I was speaking at a retreat last week I took some time to write out my personal and ministry goals for 2010…just to help set my course for the year. As Andy Stanley says so well, direction not intention determines my destination. I am not going to list my goals here on the blog but there are a few words and capture my hopes for this year.

Connect >> I want to be engaged with my family, pursuing God with passion through personal prayer and Bible reading, and serving those God has placed around me in my church, my city, my community group, ya know.

Risk >> I want to lead, plan, dream here at Grace Community with courage. There are some risks (for God’s Kingdom) I think God is calling us to take.

Balance >> Yea, I love to work…love long hours…love what I get to do everyday as a pastor. Since I am wired that way I have to seek balance. I am moving toward balance through some goals I am setting for time alone with God (not work), time with family, time at the gym.

Forget resolutions, set some goals and set your direction for 2010. My words for 2010 are connect, risk, and balance…what words would you use??