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Diversion is a big deal. I know when I say diversion many of you think distraction, but I am not talking about distraction. I am talking about something you do that gives you a mental break from your normal routine. Whatever it is that you do there are times you have to take time to step back and let go. Sports is on of those diversions that helps me keep some balance in my life. This picture came from the MTSU game this Saturday afternoon. I took my family, we cheered, and we forgot about all the other stuff going on in life. It was a great day and a great break in a really wild week of ministry. Those of us in ministry tend to justify never taking breaks and never resting because we have convinced ourselves we have to be in the middle of everything. If you have not figured this out let me remind you…your ministry will be just fine without you. Having a diversion (fishing, reading, writing, sports, exercise, whatever) gives you time to place your ministry back in God’s hands and take a break. Funny, God called for us to have a time of rest each week called a Sabbath (Exodus 20). We tend to forget rest and forget we are called to ultimately depend on God. Diversion helps you connect with the joy of life, gives you a time to rest, makes you a better leader, helps you obey God and REST. Make sure it is happening in your life and don’t apologize for saying no to some things so you can have diversion be a part of your life.