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Finding time to meet as a Family Ministry Team is difficult. Our team all works on the same floor here at the Grace Community Church office so we interact and connect daily but also set aside a monthly meeting to allow us to block our time to look ahead as a team. When we meet we want that time to count. We also want that meeting to be more that informational reports…we want to process ideas that matter. This year we are using a tool called YouLead to help us focus on one topic a month as a team. In May we are talking about Milestone moments for kids and teens.That’s an important topic but if we are not careful our monthly time of details will overtake a significant topics like this one. The great thing about YouLead is that the resources provides time for both personal and team development. Leading ourselves is just as difficult as leading our teams. What is your meeting plan? How do you make sure you focus on what matters most? How do you become intentional about your meeting flow? This is one tool we are using and it is built to work with paid or volunteer staff! I hope you will check it out!