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This week the family ministry team at Grace Community is getting ready for the Revolution Conference. We have partnered with the team at Cross Point Church in Nashville to create a one day experience to renew and inspire our volunteers. Yea…we wish we could take you to some of the conferences we go to. We wish you could hear some of the speakers we learn from. We wish we could take you to visit some of the churches we learn from. We may not be able to take you all of these places but we can work hard to bring the experience to you and we have made sure it is FREE for you. This conference is one way we can invest in you. Many of you see yourself and a person who fills a slot on Sundays. YOU ARE WAY MORE THAN THAT, YOU ARE A PART OF A TEAM. You are an important influence in the life of a child. You matter. Because of that we want to invest in you. Please do everything you can to carve out ONE SATURDAY to get out of your routine and join the revolution that is taking place in our churches. Go to to register today. We can’t wait to spend Saturday with you!