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I know you have asked yourself that question! There you are serving in kids, preschool, or student ministry and you look around at the families you lead, the kids you lead, and your volunteer team and you find yourself asking…DOES ANY OF THIS MATTER? When I invest in this generation does it do any good. We get bogged down with the hurt and brokenness around us and we get frustrated because all the problems seem too large. This morning at The Orange Conference Chap Clark helped us work through the adolescent maze we face. In Chap’s research he looked at the most influential voices in the lives of teens. You might think that friends landed at the top, or media, or school environment, or socioeconomic status…you would be wrong…look at this list and it is in order of influence!

  1. Parents
  2. Non-parental committed adults
  3. Non-parental non-committed adults AND peers
  4. Media, Ecology

We always jump ahead and say…MEDIA is influencing our kids, MOVIES are shaping our kids, and FRIENDS are running the show. The research shows that family and caring adult mentors (that is you church leader / school teacher, athletic coach, mentor!) are the most influential voices that shape the life of a kid or teen! Wow, that is so encouraging. If you are investing in the life of a family, child, or teen you are making a difference. You are needed. You are wanted in the lives of teenagers even if it looks hopeless! Please don’t give up. What you do matters!