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I have to admit I am a title guy. I like people to have the right title for the role they fill in our organization. I think titles help our team define roles but they can never limit the influence or responsibilities people have in our organization. Today public titles and internal structure are going to look different. I am involved in many aspects of our church that go beyond my title. An effective organization never allows a title to limit the impact a person can make. Sure your title matters but here are a few reasons your title matters less and less…

  • Teamwork // If you do more than talk about “team” then titles will loose their internal significance. Teams work together. Teams share responsibility. Teams sacrifice for the good of the organization.
  • Motivation //I am reading the book Drive by Daniel Pink so this idea is stuck in my head. Today people are motivated by being able to make a difference, by being a part of a movement not just doing a job and getting paid. Titles will never motivate this generation. Being a part of a mission of significance will every time!
  • Creative Expression // Creativity can’t be contained in a title and all of us need the freedom of creative expression. Most people have gifts that fall outside their title that the organization needs.
  • Flexibility // When you focus on hiring talented people over filling job titles you will have movement in your organization. When leaders have the freedom to move around and find new motivation then the organization wins…oh yea, they get a new title!