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I am speaking at a retreat for middle school students this week and it reminded me of some bad retreat mistakes I have made over the years. Student pastors are event coordinators! If you run bad events you will not gain momentum in your effort to connect with teens. This week I am going to try to think through some things NOT to do when it comes to event planning…

RULE #1 – NEVER try to do EVERYTHING…empower a team!

If you want to run a successful event you better get talented leaders involved in leading different areas of the event. One year I tried to lead worship and run an event…NOT GOOD. One year I was a key speaker and then tried to run the camp…NOT GOOD. One time I tried to be the primary tech guy at a retreat…NOT GOOD. When you try to handle too many areas of your event you will be distracted from leading with a clear mind. Every event needs someone leading who understands and is fighting for the end goal of the event. If you are too tied into one aspect of an event you will not be free to address problems when they come and I promise they will come! Your best events will be one with the best team around you. Support them, cast vision, empower them and let your supporting cast take your event to the next level.