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We invest in the next generation because we deeply believe that Jesus is the greatest need for every child, teen, college student, mom and dad. We know Jesus changes everything. In our passion to see people follow Jesus we often forget that Jesus began a movement called the church and also longs for people to join that movement. As next generation leaders we can never forget that our goal to reach people for Jesus is linked to connecting them to the movement Jesus birthed through the church. We are shaping the view that the next generation has of the church and we have to make sure that we are fighting to help our current churches remember the original movement that Jesus began. This is a picture of the church we all need to strive to become…

Everyone was amazed by the many miracles and wonders that the apostles worked. All the Lord's followers often met together, and they shared everything they had. They would sell their property and possessions and give the money to whoever was in need. Day after day they met together in the temple. They broke bread together in different homes and shared their food happily and freely, while praising God. Everyone liked them, and each day the Lord added to their group others who were being saved. (Acts 2:43-47 CEV)

In the midst of innovation, denominations, labels, doctrines, and preferences it's easy to forget what our goal is because we forget what the early church looked like. They had nothing but each other and in reality they had everything they needed through Christ. This picture of the early church in Acts 2 is a church the next generation is longing for. We have to have courage and empower the next generation lead us back to the dream Jesus had when He birthed the church. The church is a movement not an institution. As a next generation leader don't miss that goal in your rush to build your ministry. As you invest in the next generation your are shaping the church. Lead with courage and hope because the movement Jesus birthed is unstoppable.