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well, it is a week after my vacation and I am still alive and back in the swing of things. Last week was a great week but when you come off of vacation you have to just hit tht ground running and vatch up with what has passed while you were gone. Well – we caught up and all was good. This weekend the VOLS won, the TITANS win, my fantasy football teams won! It was a good weekend and it was wonderful to have an entire weekend of football. Last night Kozbi sat on the couch and watched Baltimore and Cini…wow, that is a mother dad moment! We saw a great tackle by Ed Reed!

I have been struck with the idea of dreaming together. Larry Milton at St. B Christian and I have been working to get the GCC student ministry off and running while using their building. We have partnered with another church to accomplish a goal together. They have the space, we have the staff and we are working together. IT IS WORKING, I do not know of any other ministries around the country partnering with another local church to do student ministry. Since when does every church have to do their own thing at their own place on their own terms, What could happen if more churches started working together for the KINGDOM OF GOD, to see God made famous here here in Clarksville…Maybe we can keep working together and keep dreaming together. We will see what God does.