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I am back after a blogging break over Christmas, the New Year, a short vacation to celebrate 15 amazing years of marriage with my wife. As I get back to work this week I am consumed with setting goals for our family ministry, myself personally, my family, ministry budgets, and events. I also find myself more inspired by goals than ever before. I find that I need goals. I am also finding that the team I lead operates at a higher pace with clear directional goals. When I looked back at my ministry and personal goals for 2010 I see the they helped me move forward. Goals can make an impact in our life and most of us will not set them because we fear failure. If you are willing to take a risk in 2011, goals might…

  • inspire us to take action
  • hold us accountable
  • lead us to center our life on what matters most
  • provide needed boundaries that help us say NO more to things that distract us

Go ahead…have the courage to set some goals in 2011. When you set your goals take the next step and let a few other people around you know what they are. There is something powerful in sharing our goals and dreams with people who will cheer us on.