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Our team here at Grace Community is so excited about Easter this Sunday. For the first time we are planning three services (8:30-10-11:30) and after last year we are hoping we need the extra room. We hope we need the room because people are going to come visit GCC for the first time. We hope we need the room because people have invited their friends to worship with them. We hope we need the room because many people questioning faith will be there. We are making room for people. Easter is one day when many people closed to Christ open up for a few hours and gather with people of faith. For every person who shows up Sunday who is not sure about this following Christ thing, have a seat, ask lots of questions…we are glad you are going to be with us. Three services also means we have kids ministry ready for three services. Our kids are going to have an amazing day. They should have a great day…it is the GREATEST day for any follower of Christ! Thanks to our volunteers for stepping out to make three services happen Sunday. I cannot wait celebrate the victory Jesus brought. He brought a second life to humanity…a new way to be human. Without Jesus I am nothing…Thanks Jesus for what you did and what you are doing in Clarksville and all over the world.