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Yes Easter is a big deal if you serve on a church staff. It’s kind of the biggest week of the year because it’s one time when people let their guard down, bring their families to church, and give us a shot to share the message of Jesus Christ with them. We plan and prepare for this Sunday like none other because we understand the potential. Jesus can change a life, a marriage, a family, a future in one day and we believe that. As much hard work as we put into prepping for Easter Sunday the effort we make after Easter is just a important. What you do this week will determine how much influence you have with the families you reached beyond Easter Sunday. Here are a few things you need to do this week as you get ready for a Sunday with just as much potential, the Sunday after Easter!

  1. Celebrate with your team >> This is big. I know you have ideas of how you want to improve next year but please slow down and celebrate with your team. Share stories of life change. Breathe and take time to thank God. Tell your volunteers what a great job they did!
  2. Follow Up >> Make sure to follow up with as many families as possible this week. Every visiting family needs to hear from your family ministry team and then work hard to reach out to families you saw during the day. Make Easter as personal as possible.
  3. Strategically pray for families that visited on Easter >> Make sure you are praying for families that visited. Satan will try to distract them and keep them from coming back. Pray God will make a way for our churches to connect with those families!
  4. Make sure you are striving for excellence the next 4 weeks >> Glad you had a rocking Easter. Make sure when families come back they are seeing them same level of excellence. Go for it. Plan some surprises!
  5. Make some plans for next Easter >> Sometime this week write down some ideas for how you can make next Easter Sunday work more efficiently. Capture ideas now while it is fresh on your mind!