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Three Easter services…a cookout with our community group…watching three of my favorite golfers choke at the Masters = BAYNE IS READY TO CRASH but I want to get out some Easter thoughts! I am just amazed. We serve a risen Savior, His name is Jesus, He is King of Kings and TODAY we got to celebrate that reality at Grace Community. We had over 2100 at church today and in every environment (the gathering and all the kids environments) we were able to share the message of Christ. We had tons of adults ask Christ into their life for the first time. We saw tons of first time guests check out GCC. Ron, Chad, and the worship team did a GREAT JOB! Parking was great…GREAT JOB PARKING TEAM! The new system worked! Three services worked so well, can not to see it in action every week. To all our volunteers and staff who gave 100% I have to say THANKS for making it happen. I am so proud to be a part of a group of people who will give 100% to serve our city!