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Chances are you have a ton of volunteers or potential volunteers in your church who can help you take your ministry to the next level. We have learned we get better when we allow people to bring their expertise into our environments and help us improve. I’m betting you have volunteers who do incredible things at work every day who need to be empowered to speak into the direction of your ministry on Sunday. Tim Cribbs is an incredible teacher but on Sundays he has totally revamped and inspired our set up team in our preschool ministry. David Blevins owns and runs a local Chick-fil-A during the week but on Sunday he helps us make our check in process for families work better. What I love about serving with volunteers who are great leaders is that they are willing to help us get better. Start giving your volunteers a voice. Start allowing them to make suggestions and changes. Empower them to use the gifts God allows them to use at work each day with us in the church. Empower more volunteers to lead and the synergy will help your ministry get better.