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Environment is never neutral. Environment either enhances the experience of an event or hurts it. I know many of you think you should be able to play a guitar or open the Bible and teens be engaged but that is just not the way it works. Really it doesn’t work well for adults either. Environment helps to set the tone of your event. This weekend we are designing an environment for a weekend retreat and we are putting a ton of thought into every element so that we set the direction of the weekend through the space the teens are entering. When I talk about crafting the environment I am talking about what videos you use, lighting, video backs during songs, stage design, stage layout, pre-service music, and seating. All of these elements work together to send a message when people enter the space. Later this week I will post some pictures of how we set up our space for the weekend. Remember, with any budget you can create an environment that will enhance your message and mission for an event. Take time, make a plan, get creative, and enhance your environment for your next event.