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Last week we experienced an amazing week at NEXT middle school camp but it would have never happened without the picture above. This is a picture I took last year on the last night of our middle school camp (we were at a Student Life camp) where our team locked the door and processed through the idea of what our own camp could look like. Looking back at this board full of writing is so amazing. We made most of what was on this board come to life over the past year. We made it happen because we wrote it all down, defined the win (set goals), assembled a team, got buy-in, and took a risk. When you see something is not working that is a great time to assemble and team and start dreaming. There is a better way out there, you just have find the right idea. When you find the idea you have to go through action steps to make it come to life.

  • WRITE IT DOWN >> writing down your ideas will give them so much more momentum. So many times when we see problems we just sit around and gripe. Turn griping into productivity by brainstorming ways you can make progress. When you write ideas down you immediately have accountability.
  • DEFINE THE WIN >> when you have a great idea immediately define what a win will look like. Make sure you know the goals you need to accomplish so when it is over you can really understand where you need to improve and how you can celebrate.
  • ASSEMBLE A TEAM >> no idea comes to life without a team. The quicker you can identify the team you need the more likely your idea will come to life.
  • GET BUY-IN >> when you have the right idea you need to get buy-in and permission quickly from your supervisor. What kind of permission? Permission to try…support…boundaries. Trust me you need it.
  • TAKE A RISK >> set a date and go for it. Idea’s need courage if they are going to become a reality.

Got an idea? Great, everything starts with an idea! Go out and make it a reality.