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Kid’s (preschoolers and k-5 kids) need great worship leaders! Not people going through the motions but leaders who are passionate about engaging kids and leading them to express their hearts to God through song and dance. We have known this a long time with adults and teens but we settled for who we could get to work with our kids. Leading kids in worship is a talent, a gift, a work of art and finding people with the ability and passion is hard work. Getting up in front of kids can be intimidating, but we have to work hard to find, train, and resource worship leaders who will invest in this generation of kids. Finding great worship leaders for kids can be tough but IT CAN BE DONE. Here is where we have started when looking for great worship leaders for kids…

  • Look to your adult worship leaders and vocalists // We ask worship leaders to serve with us once a month and lead in three services that week. We found some of our best worship leaders on our adult worship team. (beware, just because they can sing does not mean they will connect with kids) They had never seen leading kids in worship as a option for their gift…when we raised the bar they joined our team!
  • Look to adults who have a passion for worship but might not have made the CUT for the adult or teen stage. // our talent standard/vocal standard for the adult stage is way high. There are some great worship leaders who may just not have that strong of a voice that would be amazing leading with tracks and in our kid environments!
  • Look to your student/college ministry // seriously some of our best worship leaders have come out of our student and college ministry. Their passion to serve and connect with kids is amazing. If you see a dynamic student leader consider if they might be a good fit for your kid or preschool environment.
  • Look to existing volunteers in your kid and preschool area! // we found some great worship leaders who were already volunteering and had a passion for leading worship.
  • Look FORWARD to kids who have grown up in your environments and get those kids dreaming about leading NOW!!! // we are already looking forward to seeing teens lead who have come up through our kids ministry here at GCC. We believe some of our best worship leaders are coming in the next five years!