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Diane Runge led a breakout here at the Orange Conference called “Fine-Tuning your Systems” We all hope our ministries can work better / flow better! Diane did a great job helping us think through the process of doing ministry in our churches and MAKING it work WELL…here is just one section from the breakout on dealing with BUDGET since we are all in hard financial times..

Ohhh…by the way, here is what a system is…
Systems = anything you need to do repetitively in order to accomplish the END GOAL and maximize your resources

How do we spend our BUDGETS…we can use these 5 principles to guide our spending. BECAUSE…SPENDING reflects of priorities! These are IN ORDER…

Nurturing Leadership // leadership development has to be a priority, we have to make sure the leadership is healthy and growing, STAFF and VOLUNTEERS…to give away ministry you have to train and grow leaders!

Value the team // build the team = build community, equip with tools, and celebrate! THIS BUILD MOMENTUM (ideas…ideas are training events, t-shirts, gifts, notes to say THANKS)

WHY DO THESE 2 FIRST…because this is what the church is made of, buildings and budgets come and go but PEOPLE make ministry happen! If you have passionate leaders and a trained team you can do anything.

Refine the environment // put your money into creating engaging presentation and an appealing environment. INVEST for the LONG HAUL! You can have the best message but a boring room and boring presentation can KILL IT. Build environments and create presentations that HIT YOUR TARGET not the adults!!!! THE LOOK OF OUR ROOMS FOR KIDS SEND A MESSAGE TO ADULTS AND KIDS THAT THEY MATTER!

Informing the crowd // communicate news – VISION – and ask who needs to know what ad spend money getting that message across! WEBSITE, social networking, printing, etc. Do what you can to help parents know what is going on with the kids…be creative!

Perfecting the systems // administrate, details…etc…