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Tonight was an incredible night at REMIX, we got to baptize my friend LT Roper. I met LT the second week I was here at GCC, his friend Ethan had invited him to church and guess what, He met Jesus Christ and became a Christ follower. It was so amazing, he immediately plugged in and we got to celebrate baptism with him tonight our student gathering, REMIX. Yes we had a great night, getting to meet LT’s family and celebrate with them was amazing. We also got to see week 2 of our life[groups] and that went so well – the group leaders and students are really connecting…we think it is a win when kids actually get to talk about and reflect on what we talked about in our gathering. Good times!

well – Titans lost, the Vols lost, I am still here typing. I am gonna be OK. we need new Coached at the Univeristy of Tennessee but my Titans are playing hard.

OK – the losses are hurting! I am done typing!