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Every year the first time guest experience in your environment should be evaluated. When a student walks into The Mix or Remix for the first time we want the experience to be great and we want them to know we are pumped they are with us. Most of the time teens come with a friend but often they come alone. The stakes get higher and higher when the student does not know other people. I have never met a teen who likes being uncomfortable. The quicker we can help our guests connect with other leaders and students the better. We have an intentional plan for greeting students and helping them enter our environment. Have you thought through that experience? Do your adult and student leaders know what to do when a new student arrives? Thinking and planning for guests helps remind me that we still have thousands of teens to reach in Clarksville. God makes a big deal out of people discovering Him…maybe teens will have a better chance of discovering who God is if they have a great experience when they come to our environment! Maybe? Make sure you have a plan for those new teens that are going to show up.