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I have some great thoughts every once in a while and wow, a day later I forget about them. Am I getting old, what is up with me. Just thought I would get on and bang out a few thoughts. Tonight we had some free time so guess what my wife started…..CHRISTMAS DECORATING! WOW, it is here I can not believe it. We always decorate right before Thanksgiving so when we come home from family stuff all is up and we are geared for Christmas. Well, we stared early and it was cool to see Kozbi help out, I just hauled stuff up from the basement and then helped keep Kelyn from breaking stuff. She loves breaking things! We are stoked about Christmas, we are actually doing less of the gift thing and really trying to cut back and just enjoy being the friends and celebrating the gift God gave us in Christ. This is the one time a year we get to celebrate this amazing gift given to us in the form of a baby! Everyone loves baby but there is something wild when you think about the fact that Jesus, God in form of man, was contained in the form of a baby. We are hoping that by cutting back we can give a little more and help our kids not get stuck in making Christmas about getting more stuff. SURE they are gonna get some neat stuff but that is not the focus. Just trying to do more than just talk about putting Christmas in the proper perspective, I have to start somewhere.

This weekend we are gonna have a sweet sports weekend. Thursday night we have tickets for the Nashville Predators (free tickets of course) we are gonna be in the lower bowl and I am stoked. Live NHL is so good…THEN we are taking Kozbi to her first UT game – YEP, we bought the tickets and are headed to Knoxville for the Vandy game. Go Vols!

I have decided not to shave my beard for the month of November…I have made it so far. We will see if I make it. 30 days of letting my beard grow??? well it is just a little challenge for myself! (I am trimming up my neck of course, I can not go around looking all shabby!