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It’s Christmas and it is the season for giving so I thought I should give away a few games we have done the past 2 weeks at Relevant Student Ministry. Christmas games are hard because there are not many good ideas out there and not many good graphics. A good game has to have a graphic that works! Here are 2 we did, here are the graphics, hopefully here is the gift of time because now you do not have to make up a game for this week or next. Enjoy…

The first game is Fruitcake Mayhem. What is Christmas without fruitcake. You could do a million things with fruitcake but what we did was divide the room in 2 and then have 2 teams up front competing to eat a fruitcake. For every piece they ate they could choose someone in the crowd to make eat a piece. The team that finished first won. Simple, fun, easy. Just make sure they do not throw the fruitcake. That may have happened to us!

The other game is Living Christmas Tree. We have all seen the church productions where people climb into a tree to sing. We thought why not make a human being into a tree. We bought cheap decorations and had enough for 2 teams of 3 people to choose someone and decorate them as a tree. We let the crowd vote on the best tree. Yea, it was pretty great!

There ya go, 2 game ideas for Christmas. Enjoy!