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Three weeks ago we had a “secret shopper” drop in with his family at Grace Community Church. A secret shopper is just someone you ask to come in and check out your organization. This was our first time to try this process out and today our staff got to sit down with Greg Atkinson and work through an entire report about his experience in attending our services on a surprise Sunday morning. We got some amazing feedback and the report is full of info we are going to have to think though. We did some things really well and we dropped the ball on a few important systems. I would never list off what we did well and what we missed on because that is not the point of the process. That info is for our team to use to get better. The reason we went through the process was to get one thing…FRESH PERSPECTIVE. Visitors see things that we miss because we are already focused when we arrive. Greg gave us a new look at GCC. I am thankful that our co-pastors choose to surprise us with a guest so we could get better. None of our team had any idea this was coming. I am also thankful that God is working though our church and our secret shopper was able to see that and confirm what we think is happening. Thanks to all our volunteers who make GCC happen every week. Thanks to a staff that strives to keep getting better. Thanks to God for letting me serve in this church and in Clarksville. Today I was reminded why I love Grace Community. Thanks Greg for a fresh perspective.