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If you want the ministry you lead to be more creative you have to lead the way. I know you just read that and immediately thought “I am not creative” and you may be right, you may not be creative. You still have to empower creative people on your team if you want to pull off creative elements in your ministry. Now more than ever there is no reason you can’t pull off creative worship elements in your worship services…have a great looking website…make fun videos to promo your events because the tools are available to us and the price is right! Want to GET CREATIVE then this coming year CHOOSE TO BE CREATIVE.  Creativity demands a few critical elements…

  • Time // Creativity and creative elements (video, lighting, drama, dance, music, art, design) demand we dedicate time. You have to choose to place a priority on these efforts and make sure they are communicating the message you want communicated. Creativity never happen by accident and creativity demands hard work. Want your ministry to be more creative then get ready to dedicate time (even if you are just managing the project and others are executing)
  • Team // Creativity flourishes when you bring people around you that are passionate about creative elements like design, video, or lighting. For those of us leading in student or college ministry we get to discover these talents and then empower students to use these talents for God. You will never have a creative ministry if you don’t empower creative people. You need a team!
  • Resources // Creativity can be done with very little money but once you get rolling you will need to be willing to dedicate resources if you want to move to the next level. Start with the resources you have right now (your current computer, lights, sound, stage, set) and maximize them. Once you are maximizing creativity with what you have then make plans to add to your creative arsenal. Creativity thrives best when the entire team is maximizing current resources and adding new tools to enable forward progress. Creative people need forward progress…we get bored! Work to find the needed resources for your creative team but never let resources be an excuse for not being creative.