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I am so blessed to serve with 2 lead pastors that are passionate about reaching the next generation. From day one almost five years ago we were on the same page. We began our leadership journey together trying to think orange and we all three went to the first Orange Conference. We started out processing how we could partner with parents and create amazing environments for kids, teens, and college students. In your organization it is so important that you and your senior pastor get on the same page when it comes to family ministry. One great tool to make that happen is the Orange Conference and the book Think Orange. Orange gives every senior pastor a framework to understand how the church can impact the family and how we all can work together to accomplish that goal. Thinking Orange also helps kids and student pastors understand how this can work as we partner with our senior leadership. Maybe you should start planning to take your senior leadership to the Orange Conference. Here is a chance to make that happen and go for free. My friend Tom Shefchunas (Coach Shef as many of us call him on twitter!) is giving away from free tickets that would allow you to take your boss to the conference for free. Check it out here! Also if you can’t go why not read Think Orange together as a team and process what family ministry might look like in your context. Getting your pastor to think orange will take work but I promise that it is worth it!