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A few years ago I was able to start a family experience at Grace Community called Cross Street Live. Once a month we gather kids and parents and create a worship experience where families and can worship and learn together. Since we started that years ago I have been on a journey to give my idea away and let others make it better. I was reminded of the process yesterday when our kids pastor showed me a new logo he was having made for the our FX. Honestly, for just a minute it was hard to see a new look. I felt a little sad seeing the logo we had made years ago being replaced…then 2 seconds later after that thought I was pumped because new leadership has embraced the idea. I have given the idea away and trust me, our FX is 100 times better because of it because we have an amazing team leading it. The more you can give your ideas away and let others advance them the better your organization will be because of a few reasons…

  • Your idea can always be improved > Allowing other people to shape your idea allows for more creativity and faster innovation. You may have had the idea but that does not mean you are the one to advance the idea. Be willing to allow ideas you have to be shaped and carried out by others.
  • You maintain balance when you let things go > If you don’t give away ideas then you will become burdened by ideas of the past. You can only keep advancing a limited number of projects. To maintain balance and keep your vision aimed ahead you have to let some things go.
  • Giving ideas away will reveal new leadership opportunities and new leaders > If you want to find great new leaders then give your ideas away to them. Nothing reveals leadership potential like having to work on a project. Giving away ideas allows you to invite more people into the leadership process!