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Tonight is our second REMIX UNITED gathering of the summer and our team is stoked about what God might do tonight in our lives. All of you who read this blog know that when it comes to ministry I like mixing it up and trying new things. Summer is an amazing time to work a new plan and experiment with new strategies to connect with teens. We have not figured this all out and we never will that is why we constantly want to be learning and experimenting. The REMIX UNITED experience has paid off in a big way in 2010. It was one “win’ for this summer and an experiment that has paid off. We have tried a few other things this summer…some have worked well and some we are still tweaking. If some of what we planned does not fail then we really never took any risks. The bottom line for all of you leading youth ministries out there is to USE SUMMER TO EXPERIMENT! You never know what you might discover.