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Yea, Grace Community church got a visit by the Catalyst Road Trip ( Yep, those good looking guys are Ben Chad and Bayne with LV and Mack from the Road Trip. You can go to the blog and check out what these guys are up to. You have to go see this van they are rolling around America in. It was great to share with the guys what God is doing at GCC. God is on the move in Clarksville and it is so great to be a small part of what is going on. Moments when we get to talk about GCC to other people are times when we realize that God is allowing us to create a culture of worshippers who are different. We are not a copy of any other church…yes we have learned from others but we are striving to allow God to give us our own unique environment. Great to have a visit from the Road Trip crew. If you have never been to the Catalyst Conference you have to make plans now!

This weekend is going to be wild. I get to speak to fathers and daughters at a Clarksville event called the Purity Ball put on by the Hope Pregnancy Center. It is so cool because yep, I have daughters and it is one of those dress up nights. After this I am speaking in Cross Street Sunday morning then Remix Sunday night – 4 talks in one weekend. Need God’s strength for sure!

Good news, I have heard the new Daniel doss band Cd and I have to say – it is amazing. All of you who have been led by D over the years at church, camps and retreats are in for a sweet surprise. This is an amazing CD. Get ready to get it…the CD release party is Sunday night March 2 at Rossview High with DDB in concert.