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Those of us in student ministry experience the graduation season every year. We watch seniors move into a new phase of life. This past Wednesday at Remix (our high school gathering) we honored 19 seniors who were getting ready for life beyond high school. I used to see this time as an ending point for our ministry with students. In the past my goal was to help teens get to this point and then wish them well as they moved into the college years. My perspective has changed over the years. I now see graduation as kind of a starting line for teens to begin to craft their own faith story in this journey we call life. When a teen graduates from high school they simply take another step forward into personal responsibility. We want our graduates to continue to pursue Christ, live in community, gather with other believers, and passionately serve others. Through all of these next steps we also want teens to know we are here for them. The college years are filled with some major decisions…we want to be available as mentors to walk with them. We have also crafted a college ministry here in our church to continue the process of investing in young adults as they follow Christ. College aged students have freedom and they also need adult mentors, parents, and educators to stay connected as they move forward in life. Graduation is not the end…its the beginning of an amazing adventure. We are praying the class of 2011 and the classes to come write some amazing stories that honor Jesus Christ. Thank you class of 2011 and know Relevant Student Ministry and Grace Community Church is here for you, cheering you on, celebrating the story you are writing. You have already made an amazing mark on this planet through your teenage years, use the coming years to take it to another level.