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A few weeks ago I went with a few of my friends to Atlanta to spend a day at the PGA Championship and play a round of golf together. We went to an older course in the Buckhead area. The course was in great shape and had a fun layout but it was lacking one thing…signs! At least 5 times during the day we were confused about where to go for the next hole, or what direction the upcoming hole was supposed to go because…THERE WERE NO SIGNS! There were times we simply felt lost and it messed with our experience for the day.

In the ministries we lead we can have great ideas, great environments, a great mission, great staff, a great strategy but if we do not communicate effectively with volunteers and attenders we can sabotage our effort. For those of us who lead family ministries we also have the tension of communicating well with parents. Communication and your communication strategy need as much attention as the time you put info shaping your message each week. Announcements, signage, volunteer info emails, social media posts are either helping people know the direction you are heading or confusing them. More than ever people are bombarded by messages that want their attention. When we cut through the clutter and hone our communication process we help advance our mission. I promise, effective communication will pay off in the end. Make sure your great ideas and followed by clear communication.