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5 years ago a group of people united around an idea. A dream of church done in a different way. A church where people could be free to start over. A church where it was ok to come as you were and ask as many questions as you wanted. A church where kids, teens, and college students would actually LIKE going to every week. 5 years ago God allowed Grace Community Church to move from an idea to reality. What has happened in those 5 years is nothing less than a miracle. We have watched God do amazing things in the lives of people. We have seen God provide places for us to meet. We have been able to serve our city for no other reason than to display God’s love for this city. We have been on an amazing adventure and we can’t wait to see what God does in the next 5. Thanks to every person out there who has been on this adventure with us. It is an amazing joy to call all of you my spiritual family!