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Meet hereI hear all the time people complain about hating meetings. Let’s be honest…it’s easy to understand why. Most organizations meet so much they complicate getting anything done. Many times the meetings we have to attend are way to long and very poorly planned. We leave meetings so often having no clear direction for what is next. We all probably have a right to hate meetings.

The only push back I have when people say they hate meetings is when I see people behave poorly in meetings. We are all guilty of being terrible attenders. It’s almost as if the fact that we hate meetings gives us the right to be a terrible meeting participant. Let’s ask an honest question today…

Am I making meetings worse in my organization by the attitude and behavior I display in meetings?

There are some really simple things you can do to help meetings in your organization be more productive. The truth is that you can be a catalyst for better meetings in your work environment! Here are a few ways you can help meetings instead of hurt the meetings you attend…

  • Be on time // being late just screams you really don’t care about what is about to happen.
  • Be prepared // if you don’t know the goal of the meeting ask and come with some thoughts.
  • Be present. // stay off your mobile devices, never respond to email, take notes during the meeting!
  • Be engaged // paying attention is a powerful tool and communicates to everyone you really care.
  • Be willing to focus the conversation // if everything is off topic be willing to guide the team back to the goal.
  • Be polite // there is really never a reason to be rude.
  • Be willing to induce conflict // be willing to bring up the real issue even if it will be tense.
  • Be determined to ask for clear expectations // never leave without knowing what is next.